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How to write a term paper

Writing a term paper is required in most colleges before graduation. They usually count in your final grade. It is very unfortunate that most students have never received formal instruction about how to write a good term paper. We are going to give you help on how to write the best term paper. Make sure you have read the syllabus! Term papers are a reflection of what you covered in class. The topic always matters. Choose an interesting one which you will have no difficulty in developing content. Make sure it is relevant. Narrow down your topic and emphasize on a particular point. General topic term papers show lack of focus and will be disqualified. Organize your thoughts in a good outline. Let every idea have its own paragraph. Start with the most convincing one. Make sure to have an abstract, executive summary, literature review, introduction, methodologies, discussion, results, and conclusions. Make sure you use several different types of sources in your research. These would include (but need not be limited to) books, magazine articles, journal articles and the internet. Emphasize on reputable sources and do not ignore the government documents collection. Now you can write a draft. Proofread it and write the final copy.

Term paper format

Term papers are very essential. They should be properly presented. Here, we will show you how to give your term paper the best format. It is very simple. Just scroll down to find the main parts.


It is a short description of the paper. State the problem and what you find it relevant and exciting.


Define the problem. Give an overview of what is expected. The part is very crucial since it arouses the reader’s interest. Again be brief and straight to the point.

Literature review

It covers the current thinking, findings, and approaches to the problem are under study. Appreciate other scholars’ efforts of contributing to this topic. This part shows that you are not really reinventing the wheel, but you are adding more to the discipline.

Significance of the study

What made you choose the topic? Give your solution.


How do you collect your data?

Your data collection methods must be relevant to deliver high-quality data.

Show the individual steps you employed to collect and utilize the data.


Show your findings. They must solve the problem you stated.


It is the most important part. Explain your findings and give your opinion. It forms the bulk of your term paper.


Summarize the most important findings. It is brief and the final part of the term paper.

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