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How to write an essay in English

Essays are very common assignments for all English courses in high schools, colleges, and universities. While writing an essay in English seems to be an overwhelming task. With us, this needs not to be the scenario. We have a plenty of time and experience to show you how to write an English essay as you concentrate on other things. Essays cannot be written in ten minutes. Time is of the essence, we will show you how to set aside the best time to write the English essay. We strongly advise you to set aside enough time to write and revise an essay. Always take a break between the drafts for your mind to refresh. Now you have your time. You can sit down and write. Remember to start with the content page which will give you the guideline on how to proceed. While writing the draft, grammatical mistakes should not worry you too much as you will correct them while revising. From there you need to develop a tentative thesis. All essays revolve around a particular idea. Make sure that the thesis is about something you know very well to avoid difficulties during the later stages of your essay. After the thesis is over, you can write an introduction. This arouses the interest of the reader by giving a hint of what they should expect. Proceed with the rest of the parts while sticking to your main argument. After you are done, revise and proofread it. You can now submit it to your professor. You so how simple it is to write an English essay!

How to write a good essay

Good essays will always guarantee you the best marks in your college studies. Thus, you need to know how to write a good essay. You begin by reading the instructions carefully. Do not write anything outside the topic. Next conduct the necessary reading and research to form a basis for your argument. The sources must be relevant and reliable. Remember to include them in your bibliography. Brainstorm ideas in response to the question. Good essays incorporate your ideas and those from your research. Develop a thesis statement which shows your stand on the topic. All your arguments should revolve around this statement. Now you can introduce your essay using a simple language meant to attract your audience. Continue to the main discussion by strongly arguing your point. Use as many justifications as possible. Make sure each point stands in its own paragraph. The last part is the conclusion which is a summary of your essay. The part will also show your own opinion on the topic under discussion. Do not forget to cite the sources used properly. Read the essay once again while comparing it with the instructions to ensure it complies. Proofread and remove all the grammatical errors. You can now submit your essay!

English Essay Topics

Writing an English essay can be a challenging task for both teachers and students. These essays require a lot of crafting and creativity. Standards demand that they should be of high quality. To add more challenges, writing an English essay is not through without proofreading. Choosing an English essay topic is always overlooked. Unknown to many, it is one of the toughest steps in writing an English essay. Writing the best English essay actually starts by selecting an appropriate and exciting topic for you. Thankfully we have managed to put together a list of thousands of great English essay topics that can improve your academic life. We have provided English essay topics on festivals, occasions, social issues, famous people, animals, technology, and favourite seasons among others. They are unique and general topics essay which are generally assigned to students in the school. Enjoy as you go through them

  • Improving security
  • Favorite tourist sites
  • Combating drugs and human trafficking across the borders
  • The enemy within
  • Israeli-Palestine war
  • The upcoming powers
  • Motivating the New York City Police Department
  • The dynamics of International Trade
  • Global airline marketing strategies
  • Counseling and confidentiality in the help profession
  • Market analysis of multinationals operating in India and the Horn of Africa.
  • The Historical Jesus
  • Letter to the Instructor
  • Critical analysis of Apple as a brand

Online essay writer

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